The best feeling in the world is when you make an impact on someone’s life through the efforts of your passion and that’s what started the birth of Redd Pen Media. We have always been firm believers in connecting with people through life experiences and stories and now with the power of social media, our passion of storytelling is now the driving force in today’s marketing. Our content creation methods contain the winning ingredients that have the industry on its head with the rise of success stories from the group we love to root for . . . The Underdog

Clients often ask if there’s metal and oil behind our smiles because of our work ethic and quick turnaround time. We’re not robots lol but it never feels like work when you are doing what you love. We understand how important deadlines are along with communication, we want to listen and identify your problems so we can brainstorm and find solutions to help you get to that next level.

We offer a range of services that will elevate your brand and attract customers to your company culture. Click any of the boxes that pique your interest and learn more on how we can help.

Redd Pen Media Client

Since 2011, Redd Pen Media has delivered countless visual content for many companies ranging from small businesses to established corporations functioning as a production company. We transitioned into a digital creative agency to be more hands on with helping companies create not only high quality content that would be consistent across the board, but also helping them tell them their story that would
appeal to their consumer base.

Brand Management & Strategy

Finding Your Culture Within Today's World Of Social Media

Creating Genuine Engagement With Your Audience

The days of pushing product into everyone’s face is over, people are looking for a connection and culture with companies they can trust and relate to. We specialize in creating strategies that will form unique connections with your current & future customer base. We understand how much goes into a running your small business and how difficult it can be especially in the beginning stages to have the time to get creative & properly engage with the world through social media, this is where we come in 🙂

Concept & Content Creation

If Content Is King Then Context Is His Kingdom

Our Favorite & Most Important Part Of The Journey

The most important part of being a successful brand is being able to showcase great content that tells your story. We started Redd Pen initially as a Production Company creating awesome visuals for many companies & decided to take it one step further. Our community of creatives range everywhere from directors, artists, to brand strategist, motivational speakers, & more. We don’t just come up with what’s cool; we craft the message your customers want to hear & ones that you can deliver on.

Social Analytics & Insights

Here Is Where We Listen & Understand Your Audience

The Key To Measuring Your Results & Execution

Data is the most important resource you can have at hand for business, and within the analytics & insights is where you will find it “hiding”. All of our efforts will be shown through the A&I along with data findings that will help us understand what your audience wants. From here, we can properly interact & engage with your audience to create experiences that will separate you from your competition. The importance of listening to your consumers is often dismissed & happens to be key in succeeding. We’re all ears!

Want to be a part of our ever growing family? We are all about interdependent lifestyles and we welcome like-minded individuals who share the same values that make Redd Pen Media special. Stay in the loop with us to get notifications of openings and new opportunities.

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