Our First 5-Star Review With Clutch.Co

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17 Feb

Did you know that the average Internet user spent over six hours per week watching online videos in 2019? In an increasingly digitized world dominated by social media, engaging videos can make all the difference for businesses looking to share their stories and reach wider audiences. 

At Redd Pen Media, we pride ourselves on our commitment to building authentic identities for our clients through creative video production and marketing strategies. We work with businesses of all sizes to help them connect to customers, support their sales, and realize their visions. 

We’ve partnered with The Manifest, a B2B website that produces business wisdom and how-to guides and also shortlists companies in various industries to help buyers pick the best company to meet their business needs.  Redd Pen Media is excited to be listed on The Manifest as a top video production company in Philadelphia.  

We’re also featured on The Manifest’s partner site, Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. In fact, we’ve received our first review on Clutch—a five-star review from Saint Joseph’s University (SJU). The university was looking to enhance their video presentation and produce a video series about the successes of their alumni in order to attract more enrollment interest. 

Our client appreciated our team’s efficiency, organized scheduling, and quick turnarounds during the production process, as well as our efforts to maintain steady communication with them at all times. We produced, filmed, and edited several videos that have garnered over 10 000 views on SJU’s websites and email campaigns. Prospective students often cite these videos as having sparked their initial interest in SJU.   

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“The entire team has a friendly personality on top of their professionalism which makes it so easy to work with them and lastly their attention to detail is something I also appreciate.” ~ Market Research Analyst, Saint Joseph's University

While being able to work with our clients to achieve their goals is rewarding enough, it’s even more rewarding when our clients recognize our skills and dedication to producing effective, high-quality videos.  We’re thankful for everyone who has entrusted us with helping them meet their needs and allowed us to contribute to their growth. 

It’s our priority at Redd Pen Media to support companies by bringing their stories to life. We offer a diverse set of video production services, including post-production, microcontent, and company culture content to take your business’s brand to the next level. 

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