The Power of Self Education: How to Structure Your Own School

1 min read
07 Jan

As we started our company we knew that education was crucial. We decided on the name redd pen media and the brand is meant to represent us as teachers and educators. Hence the “red pen”. Teachers have a plethora of knowledge. 

We didn’t go to school to learn about filmmaking, photography, social media or business but we knew we needed to learn and adapt if we were ever to progress and actually create a living and profitable brand. Self education was crucial in the beginning and still is. When we started, We structured ourselves to focus on specific technical aspects each month as we were getting our hands dirty by actually shooting and working with clientele. I’ve always leaned more towards the technical side of things where Juan leaned more towards the business side. We would come together though and share our thoughts on each and what we felt was the most important and what we should hone in on. We made plenty of mistakes along the way which guided what we needed to research and tune. We still make mistakes every now and then and we know that nobody is perfect. But we have the knowledge to know how to navigate forward. We also focus on self improvement, psychology and other aspects not directly related to the craft as well because these also play a huge part in your attitude and mind set to stay on the right path. Ultimately though, We found our passion and this fueled a consistent want and need to continue learning on many levels. It all started as just an interest, a hobby and an idea that we transformed into something much bigger. So we encourage you to find your interest that can also lead to that hunger and passion that we found. 

Self education is crucial for small business and entrepreneurship. It also puts you in the mind set of discipline and structure. It helps you become self aware of your own strengths and weaknesses as well. Find what format works best for you and push yourself to keep learning! At the end of the day, we are our own school and it doesn’t cost us anything but time.

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