Princess Within Case Study

Find your voice, tell your story, impact the world.


With creating successful visual content for TD Jakes in the past, we were introduced to his wife Mrs. Serita Jakes and her upcoming project for her book “Princess Within: For Teens”. We were honored and excited when we were told that the TDJ Enterprise expressed full confidence in our ability to have full creative control with producing a campaign that would help market the book. We are firm believers of the power of story telling so we decided to create a video series where 3 teenage girls would share their stories of adversity. We wanted authentic stories that went hand in hand with the biggest issues teenagers faced in today’s world so we casted Jailene who dealt with aggressive bullying, Shaniyah who grew up with no father figure, and Jasmin, the oldest of the 3 who battled with depression & suicide. Within the three visuals, we wanted to add an element of the book cover which consisted of pink Converse shoes and a tiara so we casted a girl who would be the three teenager’s “inner princess” who wore the same shoes and had the look and expression of a free spirited child. After the production of the visuals we wanted to create an additional piece of content of the teenagers meeting each other and bonding, but we wanted to do it in a very meaningful and powerful way. As we were gathering ideas to make that happen, the campaign was released along with the book and the results were amazing. The videos received over 500,000 views and book sales that were projected for the next 6 months were crushed by 5x more the amount in 60 days. The stories of the teenagers resonated so much with the audience that we decided to propose a bigger idea that would make the impact of the girls meeting each other a life changing experience. TD Jakes’s biggest women empowerment event “Women Thou Art Loose”  fell on the year of our campaign and we felt that was the perfect place to have the girls meet each and share their stories within the attendance of 15,000 people in the Phillips Arena Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Watch the second video under the initial campaign video to see the life changing event first hand that further propelled the engagement of the book.